XMIOS Benefits

End-User Benefits
Lower Maintenance Cost

Engineering Benefits

  • XMIOS initial year warranty, annual maintenance charge after the warranty period no user-maintenance required. Annual renewal maintenance provides, product support, problem diagnosis, corrective services, and new release upgrade and migration.
  • Page language follows "C" language syntax. Page source code is easily modified and compiled. XMIOS page objects may be moved between simulator platforms without recompilation.
  • Open System hardware is easier to maintain, enables access to the third-party vendors with diverse solutions at competitive prices.
  • Additional control workstations may be seamlessly installed and quickly made functional without any recompilation.
  • Hardware expandability for both IOS host (any system with X/Motif libraries) and workstation (any TCP/IP-networked X-capability display) -encourages incremental upgrades, avoiding problems associated with obsolescent technology.
  • Facility-level, customer-level, and instructor-level page directories reduce page-object redundancy and allows customized pages for each customer and/or instructor.
  • Quickly Installed and integrated with any simulator/computer complex.
  • Simple C-like page compiler language significantly reduces page layout and coding effort.
  • On-line page development within a private IOS session eliminates costly interference with integration.
  • Custom-coded C-functions and shell script flies may be called from any IOS page
  • The configuration Initialization .INI file allows alteration of screen layouts, fonts, colors and numbers of workstations in minutes.
  • Compatible with all X-Terminal and MS-Windows input devices, video cards and monitors
  • Automated conversion utility transforms old page source into XMIOS page source within seconds.
  • Graphical interface improves efficiency when selecting, displaying, and modifying Parameter Plot and LFI data, thus reducing integration time.
  • Adoption of and adherence to OSF standard (Motif API, TCP/IP, Posix, etc.) ensures portability to all popular workstation environments.

Increased Simulator Value

  • Instructor/Operator learning curve is greatly reduced with the standardization of all IOS platforms with the Motif Graphical user Interface (GUI), the undisputed UNIX GUI standard adopted by all major UNIX vendors.
  • Pages may be quickly modified during a training session, enabling the instructor to immediately adjust syllabus to new situations.
  • Instructors or programmers may code, test, and upload Lesson Plans and other pages from off-line sessions, eliminating need for simulator sown time. Any Local IOS session may be used to evaluate page layout and functionality.
  • XMIOS page customization and Motif standardization increase instructor efficiency, focusing more attention on pilot training, making simulator time more sellable.