XMIOS Features

Graphics Pages
  • Cross Country Map
  • ILS/GCA Plot
  • Parameter Plot
  • Linear Function Interpolation (LFI) Plots
  • Repositioning
  • Terminal Area
  • System Diagrams
  • Pseudo-Instruments
  • SLGMS support
  • Dataviews API support
Text Pages
  • Pushbuttons
  • Check boxes for on/off toggle
  • Edit boxes for dynamic variable inputs
  • Radio buttons for mutually exclusive conditions
  • Dynamic update of system variables
  • Static text
  • Multiple font and color support
  • Scrolled lists of items for quick selection
Instructional Features
  • Lesson plans
  • Mouse, trackball & touchscreen option
  • Pull down menus
  • Integrated instructor training and help function
  • Confirmation of questionable actions
  • User input limited to min/max tolerances
Page Compiler
  • Quick compile times
  • C-like syntax, object oriented concise code
  • Easy to read and edit syntax
  • Local variables
  • Include user defined equations and calculations
  • IF, THEN, ELSE logic
  • Callable "C" functions and shell script files
  • On-line page development and testing

Navigation Database Server

The navigational database server provides a capability to incorporate worldwide navigational facility datea, based on a buyer supplied data source, in the XMIOS System and provide such data to the Host Computer.

Parameter Plot Capability

The parameter plot feature provides a capability to plot various parameters in an X/Y display grid.

Hardcopy of XMIOS Pages

The hardcopy feature provides a capability to output any display page to a color laser printer, as well as save the screen image in a bitmap graphic file.